Monthly plans

Internet download and upload speeds have become more important and noticeable over the past few years as a result of files continually getting larger, and over congestion of current major service provider’s networks. Many of the most popular sites on the web are very frustrating to use without high speed internet. Sharing photos or videos on Facebook, watching clips on Youtube, viewing Netflix or using Skype to talk with others are all made easier by a high-speed connection.

Wi-Sky operate a dedicated, non contested, broadband network that enables regional customers access to high speed internet. In larger regional centres (where the NBN wireless network is accessible), we can also connect our customers to the NBN wireless internet service. Read below details of our plans for both options:

Wi-sky internet plans

per month
Starter plan for emails and basic internet browsing
Unlimited data
5 mbps Download & Upload speed
per month
Solid entry plan with noticably faster internet speeds
Unlimited data
12 mbps Download & Upload speed
per month
Streaming and fast speed on multiple devices
Unlimited data
25 mbps Download & Upload speed
per month
Get the most from your high speed internet service
Unlimited data
30 mbps Download & Upload speed

Please note: Pricing includes GST

An installation fee is payable at the time of the first billing cycle to cover equipment, activation and installation charges.  Billing will be 30 days in advance.  All accounts are sent via email.

Term Installation fee (incl GST)
Month to month $550
12 month term $440
24 month term $330

Check our coverage map and get in contact to enquire about Wi-Sky for your home.

Our Terms and Conditions of service are provided for your information.

Wi-sky Fixed Wireless NBN Plans

NBN Speed
Data Allowance (GB) Cost per month
12 / 1 100 $60
12 / 1 500 $80
12 / 1 unlimited $100
25 / 5 100 $70
25 / 5 500 $90
25 / 5 unlimited $110
25 / 10 100 $80
25 / 10 500 $100
25 / 10 unlimited $120

*Free wireless router with 12 / 24 month plan. For month to month plan, additional $80 for wireless router.

*Local service and support

For Queensland Connections please contact William Harrington for further details.