Monthly NBN pricing plans

For those who DO have access to the NBN, we now offer Wi-Sky NBN monthly plans are shown below:

Wi-Sky NBN Plans

NBN Speed
Data Allowance (GB)Cost per month
100 / 40unlimited$115
50 / 20unlimited$85
25 / 5unlimited$70
12 / 1unlimited$55
Pricing includes GST. Billing is 30 days in advance. All accounts are sent via email.

An installation fee is also payable at the time of the first billing cycle to cover equipment, activation and installation charges ($150 for 24 month plans, $200 for 12 month plans and $300 for month to month plans).

*Local service and support

Our Terms and Conditions of service are provided for your information.

View our Critical Information Summary for further information.

Don’t have the NBN at your place?
View our custom solutions for people who can’t access NBN or fast internet